BIFAN 2021

Stay strange

In changing times, we say to the audience, "It's okay to be weird." It's a word of consolation, but in fact, we want to say that the extraordinary "strange" energy is the power to find one's way in this change and move forward for evolution.

BIFAN 2021 official trailer


concerns about the evolution of the film festival

"What about the COVID-19 pandemic and the film and film festival?" We have been preparing for the evolution of the 25th film festival by asking ourselves this question and thinking about it. The pandemic has dramatically accelerated the change that changes our lives as a whole. The end of the pandemic will not bring the change to an end, back to square one. Therefore, in essence, the meaning and role of movies and film festivals become more important. However, the form of spectacular spectacles through viewing in theaters, large-scale gatherings in real space, and filmmakers only undergo major changes. The Bucheon International Fantastic Film Festival, which was spotlighted as an on-off hybrid in response to the pandemic crisis last year, expanded support and reduced events, will get closer to the audience through the 25th episode of the evolutionary journey.