1.5℃ contest

  • name : Cooking the Earth
  • type : drama
  • time : 30 sec

#1.Order comes in with the sound of "Ding-dong" at the restaurant

#2.NONAME look for a recipe after seeing a spell to make the earth

#3.Follow the recipe that says, "A handful of soil, a cup of seawater, a bunch of clouds" and bring the ingredients

#4.Scoop a handful of trash from the land covered with trash

#5.Take water from the sea contaminated with chemicals, factory water, and trash and pour it into a pot

#6.Finally, soak the hot sky full of yellow dust and dust with a vacuum cleaner and sprinkle the yellow seasoning on the pot

#7.And the NONAME that finished cooking by stirring the pot

#8.NONAME who saw the black and smelly earth from the pot is disappointed because it is different from the earth he thought

#9.NONAME think about it again and think about how to make a proper earth

#10.NONAME Cooking Again

#11.When the land is full of garbage, the garbage turns into recycling containers and [POLLUTION T-shirts] and puts them in a pot

#12.Take cleaning tools and sponges in the kitchen and suck up pollutants to create a clean sea

#13.Bring clean water and pour it into the pot

#14.Bring plants to the sky full of yellow dust to purify the air

#15.Using a vacuum cleaner, sprinkle a white seasoning made of cloud

#16.Stir in a pot to complete the cooking

#17.NONAME satisfied to see the green and clean earth taken out of the pot

  • name : Draw a line
  • type : motion graphic
  • time : 30 sec

#1.NONAME, who found her favorite clothes at a clothing store while walking on the street, enters the clothing store

#2.After you put your clothes on the counter, scratch your card with the card reader and NONAME will pay

#3.As soon as you scratch the card, the environmentally contaminated places turn into cleanliness

#4.NONAME leaves the store and walks on the street. The desolate streets have become lively

#5.Noname rides a bicycle through the streets that have become eco-friendly

#6.With the blue sky in the background, the phrase "Pollution contributes 1.5% to environmental organizations" comes out